activity 4



here's a question for you...

Who is in control of you?

An important part of being resilient is knowing that whatever happens, YOU are in charge of what YOU do next.

YOU are ALWAYS in charge.

let's dig a little deeper

Drag and drop each statement to the correct side.

you choose

The great thing about CONTROL is YOU get to choose what you do next.

This choice is EXTREMELY powerful.

It means that no matter what happens to you, you are ALWAYS in CONTROL of what you do next.

To show you how this works we have created a number of different scenarios that you could (or maybe have already) found yourself in.

In each scenario, you get to CHOOSE what you do next, write down your answers on page 15 of your activity sheet.

are you up for a challenge?

Your CHALLENGE is to take more CONTROL over areas of your life.

You may not be aware, but this will help you in a number of ways.

You will feel more competent, confident and more motivated... which is nice.

See how many of the decisions on page 16 of your activity sheet you can take in the next 7 days.

Good luck!