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nervous vs. excited

If you were about to run an Olympic race for a gold medal, how would you feel?

This activity will teach you to think and feel just like a top sports person.


purpose of this activity

Today you are going to learn to train your brain to think like a top sports person,

Have you ever wondered how top athletes make sure that they can perform to the best of their ability, even when the pressure is on?

In today's activity we will show you how.

when you feel nervous

Can you remember the last time that you felt nervous?

Did you get any of the following symptoms? Click on the purple crosses. [h5p id="35"]

emotions are predictions

Emotions aren't just something that happens to you.

Instead they are a prediction based on physical and chemical stimulus.

So, in the picture above all of those stimuli (thinking about the future, heart racing, sweaty hands, shortness of breath and butterflies in your tummy) are clues that tells your brain to feel nervous.

when you feel excited

Can you remember the last time that you felt excited?

Did you get any of the following symptoms?

  • sweaty palms
  • shortness of breath
  • thinking about the future
  • butterflies in your stomach
  • your heart racing

nervous vs. excited

The physical and chemical symptoms of being nervous and excited are exactly the same, but they can be interpreted in different ways.

So, the next time you feel these symptoms, instead of saying you are nervous, tell yourself that you are EXCITED.

But, here's the important bit... you need to say WHY you are excited.

This final little bit gives your brain the evidence it needs to accept that you are EXCITED instead of NERVOUS.

how it works

You need to say... " I am EXCITED BECAUSE........" 

I am EXCITED BECAUSE this exam gives me an opportunity to show what I've learned.

I am EXCITED BECAUSE giving a presentation in class is great practice and an amazing skill to have.

I am EXCITED BECAUSE going to this party is a chance to have fun with my friends.

I am EXCITED BECAUSE I've always wanted to play guitar and the class will be fun.

other useful words...

There are some other useful words and phrases you can use to improve how you feel about something.

See if you can guess the correct ones below. 

[h5p id="36"]

Try these out in real life and see how much better you feel about stuff.