something for the weekend 2:3

start the day the right way

How you start your day is vital because...

... it helps to set your mood for the rest of your day.


the purpose of this activity

Today you are going to learn why it's important that you start your day the right way.

And we have a great, fun little tool that will help you and your family choose how you start the day.

bad mood

Can you remember the last time you were in a bad mood?

They always seem to last a while, don't they?

When we're in a bad mood, almost everything else that happens seems to make our mood worse.

Does that sound familiar?

spirals of emotion

This is because your emotions tend to work in a spiral.

This means that the emotion you feel right now, this moment, actually helps to create the next emotion that you feel.

Feel grumpy and angry, well you are likely to notice something else that makes you feel grumpy and angry.

This works exactly the same for both negative and positive emotions.

positive spiral

Know that we know that emotions work in a spiral, wouldn't it be great if we could use this information to work out how to feel more positive?

Well we can.

What we need is a catalyst, something to help spark an upward spiral of positive emotions.

And if we create that spark in the morning... then hopefully you will continue to create and feel positive emotions throughout the day.

Make sense?

a whole new way to start your day

We have a 'start your day' activity sheet for you.

Although why wait?

Print it off now and try one of our funky options, designed to be a catalyst to help you feel good.