something for the weekend: character strengths

4 activities that will help your kids to develop their CHARACTER STRENGTHS

(and keep them off the PS4 / YouTube for half an hour)

activity 1: explore your STRENGTHS

Research has shown that people who know and use their CHARACTER STRENGTHS are happier, healthier, less stressed, and more fulfilled.

Before you go on to work on your child's  STRENGTHS it is important to explore how they  feel about their VIA Strengths Report, this activity helps them to do that.

activity 2: STRENGTH brainstorm

When you use your SIGNATURE STRENGTHS to do things everything feels natural and easy, this is because your brain is wired that way. 

In this activity, your child will develop a deeper understanding of themselves and learn how they can use their SIGNATURE STRENGTHS more in the future.

activity 3: grow a STRENGTH

Now that your child knows what their STRENGTHS are, the next step is to learn how to GROW and IMPROVE them.

In this activity your child will grow a STRENGTH,  a process which can then be applied to develop and grow any of their STRENGTHS.

activity 4. be thankful 

A scientific study undertaken in 2005 asked a group of people to write down each day for a week 3 reasons why they were grateful for their SIGNATURE STRENGTHS. 

By doing this the group enjoyed  increased levels of happiness lasting (in some cases) for 6 months. In this activity your child will do a variation of that experiment.