something for the weekend: RESILIENCE (positivity)

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this week: resilience (positivity)

Your life won't always go according to plan. You are going to have to recover from setbacks if you are to get the results that you want... POSITIVITY will help you do this. 

Research shows that if you are POSITIVE,  you are tougher mentally, you stick with things for longer, you will be happier, healthier and live longer: IMPRESSIVE!

A POSITIVE attitude will help you to look for solutions and ideas to make things better- solving problems is a vital skill for you to have in your life.


Your positive action combined with 

positive thinking results in success.

​Shiv Khera

step 2. it's important to remember

Being POSITIVE doesn't change facts... instead it changes how you feel about them and what you do about them.

We aren't suggesting that false positivity is good... there's no point saying that everything is AWESOME- when it isn't.

What we are saying though, is that it's extremely useful to be able to think positively and to recognise that no matter what the situation, it's an experience you can learn from.

step 1. what is positivity?

POSITIVITY can mean many different things. 

POSITIVITY helps you to feel good about yourself, others, and the world around you. It helps you to try different things, to look for solutions, to feel love, joy, confidence and happiness.

For the purposes of this module when we say POSITIVITY we mean the way that you think and the way that you approach your life. 

step 4. your 7 day challenge

Your mission this week is to  TRAIN YOUR BRAIN to look for the POSITIVITY that happens in your life (stuff we often miss). 

We like to fill our sheet in every night just before bed, as it's a really nice way to go to sleep... thinking good, happy and positive thoughts.

step 3. as easy as 123

When something doesn't go as well as we'd hoped, or we don't get the results we want we have a little sequence we use to get us feeling positive- it's as easy as 123.

If you like our little 123 sequence, click here to get a free printable version.

step 5. the fun zone

You have been working hard, so you deserve to have some fun. PAGE 3 on your activity sheet is for you to do some colouring in- if that's your sort of thing.

And below,  you will find games, puzzles, jigsaws and other RESILIENCE related activities. 

  • memory game
  • jigsaw
  • hangman puzzle
  • word search

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