4 activity lessons that will help your kids to understand and develop their RESILIENCE

activity 1: what is resilience?

It's time to find out what RESILIENCE is all about.

We've got a video, a quiz, activities and games to enjoy as you learn all about RESILIENCE.

activity 2: self-belief

What you believe about yourself and what you are capable of is extremely important.

This activity will help to strengthen belief in RESILIENCE.

activity 3: positivity

Life won't always go according to plan. You are going to have to recover from setbacks if you are to get the results they want.

Learning how to be POSITIVE in these situations is a great skill and this activity will teach you how.  

activity 4. control

Successful people don't waste time and energy worrying about things that are outside of their CONTROL.

This exercise will help you to develop the skill of CONTROL and focusing on what you can CONTROL, it will also strengthen your self-motivation.