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Surviving Thriving adolescence

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This webinar will change the way you think- and not just about how you parent. 

what you will learn

  • 'raging hormones' and other myths: the truth behind the common misconceptions that not only disempower parents, but send us down the wrong path completely
  • the real reasons why your child misbehaves, why consequences don't work and what to do instead
  • how emotions actually work and why understanding this will change absolutely everything- for you and for them
  • the only 5 things your kids need from you 
  • how to show up for them in a way that creates an amazing relationship that allows them (and you) to THRIVE

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Spaces: 100
Duration: 1 hour 
Date:  Thursday 14th of May 
Time: 8 PM UK  -  9 PM CET  -  4 PM EDT  -  1 PM PDT

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