lesson 3: define the nightmare

the fear of the unknown

How do you deal with the fear of the unknown?
You make it known, of course!
What does that mean?
It's something that best-selling author Tim Ferriss calls:


what is the 'nightmare'?

We have a very active imagination, especially when it comes to the unknown and our brain often plays tricks on us by imagining all sorts of worst case scenarios.
Tim Ferriss' trick is to work through the worst possible worst case scenario and then plan for it.
What this does is make the unknown, known, thus changing the thinking which helps to remove the fear associated with it.

how it works

First of all you define the situation and how it is a problem for you.
Then you define what the ABSOLUTE worst case scenario is.
You work through all the possible things you can do if the worst case scenario happens.
Then you look at the benefits to facing the fear and taking action.
Finally, you look at the cost to you of not taking action.

you try it

We have an example DEFINE THE NIGHTMARE exercise for you to read through and then a worksheet for you to have a practice on with one of your fears or worries.
There is an ACTIVITY for you to complete in your workbook.

lesson complete

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