7 day challenge


So far you have learned why HOPE is perhaps the most important POWER STRENGTH and how you can be HOPEFUL in any situation.
However, it's important to remember that:
  1. 1
    The STOP123 technique doesn't change facts... it just changes how you think about them so you can do something to move forward.
  2. 2
    We aren't suggesting that false positivity is good... there's no point saying that everything is AWESOME- when it isn't. If you are sad about something, that's absolutely fine. Saying that things are 'awesome' doesn't change facts.
  3. 3
    We are not trying to make light of, or deny any feelings that you have. It's absolutely 100% OK and completely normal to feel bad or sad about something.
  4. 4
    Your feelings are a reflection of how you are thinking in the moment, STOP123 is a technique that helps you to change your thinking and therefore your feelings.
Now you are ready to complete your 7  DAY HOPE CHALLENGE.
The 7 DAY CHALLENGE is in your workbook.

how the challenge works

We still want to make sure that we have a nice ZEST start to the day.
Feeling full of ZEST will also help you to feel more HOPEFUL.
So in this challenge you will:
  1. 1
    start each day by remembering that it is a brand new day
  2. 2
    write about why you are grateful for your strength of HOPE and why
  3. 3
    start an upward spiral of positive emotion
  4. 4
    reflect on how you used your HOPE during the day

good luck

This is your second CHALLENGE, so give it everything you've got!
Try your best and most importantly enjoy it.

after the challenge

Complete your challenge and then in 7 days time, come back and complete your HOPE POWER STRENGTH SUMMARY.
See you in 7 days amigos.

module completed

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