lesson 3: mission statement

the best you

If you can't find a specific purpose yet, don't worry because you already have one: YOU.
Your mission is to be the best you you can be- what greater purpose could you have than that?
Trust that you will find a way to apply your UNIQUE qualities, but while you are having fun exploring what this might lead to, let's focus on YOU.

your BIG P and little p

Your life's mission is to become the best YOU that YOU can BE.
Therefore you have a duty to maximise your skills, passions and strengths so that you can express your UNIQUENESS to the world.
As such, the work that you do counts and every day matters.
Nobody else can do this... ONLY YOU.
Your mission is to express more of the energy that is you to the world.
That's your PURPOSE!

no regrets

Bronnie Ware, an Australian palliative care nurse looking after terminally ill patients started asking them what their biggest regret in life was.
Have a guess what they said?

"I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me."

Which when you think about it, is very sad.
Imagine choosing not to live the life you want, the life that you know you are capable of, your best life.
For these people it's too late.
But, it's not too late for you...

your mission statement

Which is why you are going to set out now how you intend to live your life.
You are going to think about what you stand for in life.
You are going to define the sort of person that you want to be.  
So that you can live your life with no regrets.
We call this your MISSION STATEMENT.
It is a commitment that you make to yourself about what's important to you and how you are going to live your life.
It will act as your guide and compass when the going gets tough.
There is an ACTIVITY for you to complete in your workbook.


Below you will find a list of questions that will help you to write your MISSION STATEMENT.
Now, imagine sitting in your rocking chair when you are old, grey and wrinkly...
Looking back at your life answer the following questions... fill in the blanks:
  • In my life I achieved...
  • People describe me as someone who ...
  • I was a great friend/ brother/ sister/ boss/ parent/ partner because...
  • I stand for...
  • I did not accept...
  • I am different because...
  • I am remembered for...
  • My life meant...
  • My impact on the world is/ was...
  • The value I added is/ was...

from now on

These are the standards to which you hold yourself accountable each and every day.
Put it up on your wall next to your POWER BOARD, look at it every day, remind yourself of who you really are.

lesson complete

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