lesson 1: daily POWER journal


Practice is important: it's the key to becoming really good at something.
Using your POWER STRENGTHS every day will help you to develop and improve them, which will help you to BE your BEST self in the world each day,
To help you do this  we have created a DAILY POWER JOURNAL.
It is based on the morning/ evening structure you are used to with the 7 DAY CHALLENGES, but with a couple of changes.
We describe it in detail below. 

in the morning

As you know, starting each day full of energy, positivity and enthusiasm is vitally important, so we continue the ZEST elements of the routine that you are used to- brand new day, gratitude, upwards spiral- however, we do so with two modifications:

1. gratitude

You are free to write down anything that you are grateful for.
It doesn't have to be POWER STRENGTH related, it's feeling the GRATITUDE that counts.

2. intention

The idea behind 'INTENTION' is to become more mindful and aware of your POWER STRENGTH use in life.
It's a simple exercise, where we ask ourselves:
  • How will I use my STRENGTHS today?
  • What potential obstacles will I face and what is my plan to overcome them?
Thinking about your day in this way helps you to mentally prepare for it.
You are much more likely to be your BEST self if you are in a state of CREATION rather than REACTION.
Thinking how you intend to use your STRENGTHS is a bit like waking up each morning and writing computer code for your brain.
You are programming your brain to help you think and behave in a way that brings your BEST self to your day.
For inspiration you could:
  • If we are pushed for time, we just read the last 5 I AM statements at the bottom of each POWER SUMMARY- this really gets us in the mood.
  • Read your MISSION STATEMENT from the PERSEVERANCE module.
The objective is to remind yourself of who you are and then to bring this to your day.

in the evening

Here we make three changes to the evening routine... before we go to sleep.

1. score

Think back on your day and give yourself a mark out of 10 (0 = terrible, 10 = perfect) for how well you did with the POWER STRENGTHS that day. This score will come in handy when you do your weekly review.

2. reflect

Here we ask ourselves:
  • What went well today? 
  • What CHALLENGES did I overcome?
  • What PROGRESS did I make?'
  • How was my decision making moment to moment?
Remember we talked about PROGRESS being one of the 3 parts of PERSEVERANCE?
Recognising that you are making progress makes a big difference in how you feel and how you perform- the daily POWER journal is designed to help you see that you are making progress.
This is because progress, i.e. noticing your victories- no matter how small- activates the reward circuitry in our brains and our nervous system.
This releases serotonin and dopamine, the neurotransmitters that make us feel good.
Making a note of your progress and accumulating evidence your POWER STRENGTH use is the best way to build your self-belief and confidence.

3. improve

Finally we ask:
  • What is ONE thing I could improve for tomorrow?
Thinking about how you can improve for tomorrow uses your CREATIVITY and gives you a positive focus for the next day.

daily POWER journal

Here is what your daily journal looks like.  
You will find it in your activity workbook.
Get your DAILY JOURNAL in the ACTIVITY workbook.

lesson complete

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