module 6:

thoughts and emotions

The tools of the mind can be wrongly used, but the mind possesses no wrong tools.
― Hugh Prather

before we get to the power strengths

Before you start to develop your POWER STRENGTHS, it's important to take the time to understand this one key fact: how your thoughts and emotions work. This is important because it will help you to understand and use your POWER STRENGTHS better as well as have a better understanding of how life actually works. 

a question for you

Let's get you thinking ...

the answer

If you said 'from me', then you were correct.
Happiness, or any other emotion that you feel, comes from you, not from the object.
This might sound a little bit confusing so we explain more below.

inside-out or outside-in?

As human beings we ALL make one big fundamental mistake in the way that we think that life works.
We think that our feelings are caused by the things that happen to us.
From the outside-in.
For example, when we do well in an exam, or our team wins a game, we think that it's this external event that causes us to feel happy.  
We think the same thing when bad things happen too- e.g. we fail an exam.
We believe that it's us failing the exam that causes us to feel sad.

it's always inside-out

But in reality happiness, sadness, or any other feeling, only ever comes from inside us.
It is a feeling we create by our thought in the moment.
It's our thinking that creates what we feel.
The act of doing well in the test did not cause us to feel happy.
Instead, it was our thinking about doing well in the test that was the cause. 
And that's the same with every feeling we have in life.
We generate it inside of us based on our thinking in the moment.

why this is important

We want to be our BEST SELVES each day.
We want to approach each day feeling happy and positive, with ZEST.
This will help us to give each day our best, with energy and enthusiasm.
Which means that we need to have positive, happy THOUGHTS in order to FEEL positive and happy. 

a 3-step process

Gratitude is the key to unlocking these positive and happy thoughts.
According to research, daily gratitude practice has lot of benefits:improved physical and mental health, better sleep, less stress and higher self-esteem.
We like it because it puts us in a good feeling, ready to start our day with ZEST.
Step 2 of your new morning routine is to feel GRATITUDE.

try it now

You are going to write down something that you are grateful for and then give at least one reason why you are grateful for it.
Try it now in the space in your workbook.
There is an ACTIVITY for you to complete in your workbook.
What you are grateful for can be big or small; you can be grateful for the fact that you are alive, the wind on your face, your dog jumping on you, or maybe your family or friends...

really feel it

What you write down isn't important, it's feeling grateful that counts.
The key is to just let that feeling of gratitude sit with you for a few seconds- the longer the better.
Just close your eyes and think about what you have written about.
See if you can get to 10 seconds...

that's it

Simple isn't it?
Just thinking about things that you are grateful for puts you in a good mood and an elevated state of mind.
Inside out vs outside in.

use this anytime

You don't have to save this technique for the morning, you can use it anytime.
If you notice that you are feeling down or grumpy, just stop for a moment and spend a few seconds thinking about something in your life that you are grateful for.

lesson complete

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