module 3:

Strengths and YOUR life JOURNEY

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.

― Søren Kierkegaard

strengths and your life journey

Certain STRENGTHS are important for certain things that you want to do or be in life, for example CREATIVITY and CURIOSITY are important strengths if you want to be an artist, but LEADERSHIP probably isn't.
Whatever it is that you want to do or be in your life, doing well in exams, getting on the team, going to college, whether you want to be an astronaut, zoo keeper, fashion photographer, games designer, YouTuber, sportsperson, or run your own business- your journey is going to look a lot like the diagram below.
Your talents, STRENGTHS and skills will help to guide you along this path.
But your ultimate SUCCESS depends on how well you deal with the challenges, obstacles, setbacks and failures that you will face along the way.
And we have identified 6 strengths that will help you to navigate this pathway.
These strengths are universal, they apply to any situation, they are very important when it comes to your success.
We call them...


If you have no passion for what you are doing, or if you are flat and approach your life with NO energy, how will you make it a success?
If you aren't optimistic about the outcome, why would you even bother trying? If you don't believe in yourself or your ability, what are the chances of achieving your goals?
If you can't control what you think, say, or do how will you have the discipline to make the right decisions when you need to?
If you aren't able to think creatively, how will you come up with ideas to solve the problems created by the obstacles and challenges you face?
Without BRAVERY, how will you find the courage to try another new idea when your last one didn't work, or to ask for help when you need it?
And if you give up too soon or too easily, how will you ever achieve your goals, hopes and dreams?


Think of these 6 STRENGTHS as POWER-UPS, and just like in a computer game, they help you to get the most out of your character, so you can accomplish your personal life mission.
In real life, these 6 STRENGTHS will POWER-UP your SIGNATURE STRENGTHS, your SKILLS and your PASSIONS, so that you can become the BEST version of yourself.

what if these POWER strengths are low(er) on your report?

The beauty about character strengths is that you already have all 24 strengths. 
Then it just becomes a question of working on them to develop and improve.
Which is why...

...we love character strengths

It doesn't matter how smart you are, how good your grades are, what school you go to, what anybody else thinks, or where you come from: anybody can learn to develop their strengths- as long as you are prepared to put in the work.
It's totally down to YOU.

strengths in action

Here is a hypothetical example of how POWER STRENGTHS might work in the real world.
Let's imagine that Sarah's dream is to be a fashion photographer and to run her own successful fashion photography business when she is older.
Her PASSION is fashion photography, she reads about it all the time.
She saved up and bought a nice camera, she takes lots and lots of photographs and is improving her SKILLS all the time.
Her parents and friends tell her she's very good and she recently won a photography competition.
Does she have what it takes to fulfil her dreams?

what happens when?

Sarah clearly has some of the qualities she needs to succeed, but as we saw from the PATH OF LIFE diagram earlier, every journey is full of challenges, problems, failures and obstacles.
So, see if you can guess which POWER strengths Sarah will need to use in each of the situations below.
(some situations require more than one strength and there is no 'right' answer).
As you can see with our hypothetical Sarah story, developing these POWER STRENGTHS is important, they enable you to keep going, to overcome the difficulties you face in pursuit of your goals and dreams.

module complete

Well done.
Now you now all about the character strengths and the 6 POWER STRENGTHS.