lesson 1: why HOPE is important

the most important POWER STRENGTH?

Each of the 6 POWER STRENGTHS is important in their own unique way.
But, if we had to choose one as the most important, we'd probably say HOPE.

remember the path of life?

As you will see shortly, HOPE lies at the foundation of every other POWER STRENGTH.
Without it, they just don't function as well.
Without HOPE of a positive outcome where does the ZEST you need to start your journey come from?
Without HOPE of success, why would you bother being BRAVE of PERSEVERING?
Why use your CREATIVITY to think of solutions if there's no HOPE that they will turn out well?
Why have the strength of SELF-REGULATION to make decisions when you aren't HOPEFUL of a positive outcome?

what hope isn't

HOPE isn't just blindly expecting that everything will be OK.
Nor is it pretending that everything is great, when it isn't!
They are not examples of HOPE, they are examples of wishful thinking.

what hope is

However, there's nothing wrong with thinking that everything will work out well.
As long as you have a plan and the ability to make it work out well.
And it's this bit that's really important.
Without the plan and the ability, it is still wishful thinking.
Here's a little quiz to illustrate this.

plan + ability

Can you see how important it is to have both a plan and the ability to execute the plan?
If you do have a plan to make things better, and you can actually take steps to do something about it, then you can be genuinely HOPEFUL.  
It is always useful to check that you have both.

but here's the tricky thing

It's easy to be HOPEFUL when everything is going well.
But as we know, life doesn't always go to plan, and it's when things start to go wrong that we need our HOPE the most.
The problem is, this is precisely when we feel our HOPE least.

so what's the answer?

How do we find and use or strength of HOPE when we need to? 
You need to train your brain to think in a certain way.
And that's what you are going to learn in the next lesson.

lesson complete

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