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This guide will help you to get the most from the program.
For each module (if appropriate)  we give you some background info, any supporting research or information, our thinking behind the module and any useful tips.

part 1: self- discovery

M1: you are amazing

Module 1 is designed to do a few things:

  1. set the scene a little
  2. help your child to realise just how amazing they actually are
  3. get commitment from them to finish the program- we do this by asking them to 'sign up'

M2: who am i (really)?

Our aim for this module is to help your child to begin to see themselves as more than they think they are at the moment. It's quite an eye-opener to see yourself in terms of your character and your strengths. We've found that it helps kids (and parents) see themselves in a positive light and it's a great foundation from which to build. We highly recommend that you take the survey too. Aside from knowing more about yourself and what makes you tick, it's a nice way to bond over a shared experience, it will also help you support your child on this journey.

M3: understanding my strengths

In the module we explain how character strengths work. It's important to recognise that strengths lower down the list are not weaknesses and to reinforce that point there is an exercise for your child to complete in the workbook.

M4: strengths and life

In this module we demonstrate how strengths are used in real life and we introduce the 6 POWER STRENGTHS of ZEST, HOPE, SELF-REGULATION, CREATIVITY, BRAVERY and PERSEVERANCE.

M5: the power board

The POWER BOARD is the key to the whole program.

This is where your child distils everything they know and everything they have learned and experience about each POWER STRENGTH into one synopsis.

This is then used as a reference point for them to use in the future.

part 2: the 6 power strengths


As much as you might want to change what happened, without a TIME MACHINE you can't.

Yesterday has been and gone.


That's correct.

You can't change what happened,


That's correct.

You can't change what happened,


That's correct.

You can't change what happened,


That's correct.

You can't change what happened,


That's correct.

You can't change what happened,

part 3: using the power strengths

M12: using my strengths

As much as you might want to change what happened, without a TIME MACHINE you can't.

Yesterday has been and gone.

extra strength building activities

After your child has completed the program, we have a further 13 activities for them that will help them to develop their POWER STRENGTHS. This workbook can be printed off from the main program page. We will also post more of these as and when we create them in the private FB group.

praise: your secret weapon

From MODULE 2 we recommend that you start using PRAISE as a really nice way to both encourage your child and help them to build their BEST ME identity. We explain what this means and how to do it in our guide, which you can access below.

join in

We can't recommend doing the program alongside your child highly enough. The benefits of doing so are:
  • You get to learn more about you and what you are capable of too
  • you get to learn some new skills and techniques that will improve your life
  • You get to bond over a shared experience- something you will be able to talk about in the years to come
  • A much greater appreciation for and connection with your child. The program is designed to help them grow and to push themselves, what better way to improve your relationship than sharing this experience.

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That's it. Any questions please reach out to us in the FB group or email us.