Hi there and thank you very much for trying the BEST ME program.

We hope that you and your child enjoy this journey of self-discovery and personal growth.


We appreciate that you might just by trying this program on for size, but we're glad you are: here's why.
The world has changed: it no longer cares about what our kids know, it cares about what they can DO. 
The kids who will thrive in this environment will need more than just grades, they will be those kids who:
  • have the confidence to express themselves fully
  • can thrive on change and uncertainty
  • have the creativity needed to solve problems and to add value
  • have the resilience required to bounce back from failures and setbacks
  • have the bravery and perseverance needed to see things through
Our kids don't learn this stuff at school, they learn it from us.
We are the ones who help to shape the sort of person that our kids become.
And if you are anything like we were (and the vast majority of parents we speak to), you probably don't have a deliberate way of teaching this stuff to your kids either.

the program 

We created this program to help you to prepare your kids to be successful in this modern world.
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that's it!

You are ready to rock.  
So, without further ado... grab your little treasure, plonk them next to you and let's get going.
P.S. The program works best on desktop, laptop or tablet.
P.P.S. The free lessons are a taster, if your child likes and enjoys them you can upgrade to the full program on the next page.
Take care,
The Lifehacksforkids team.

Dominic, Lindsay and the twin lifehacksforkids guinea pigs!