THE BEST ME program


It's this simple: If I never try anything, I never learn anything.

If I never take a risk, I stay where I am.
― Hugh Prather


Hello and thank you very much for purchasing THE BEST ME program.
We hope that your child enjoys learning all about who they are and what they are capable of.

quick overview

The modules and lesson are designed to be done in sequence and follow the same format:
  1. 1
    a theory element for your child to learn new information, skills and techniques
  2. 2
    a practice element for your child to apply this new knowledge in the real world, because words don't teach, only experience does
  3. 3
    a review element for your child to make sense of everything they have learnt
The program can be done on any device, but we recommend desktop, laptop, or tablet for the best viewing experience.

character strengths

The program is based on CHARACTER STRENGTHS and positive psychology (the scientific study of human flourishing) which are a fabulous way for your child to think about what makes them who they are.  In module 2 we ask that your child takes the free VIA Character Strengths survey, if you want to look into character strengths more closely please take a look at the VIA website here.


We are here to support you and your child on this journey, and the best place to find us is in the private Facebook group (click icon for access).
We are there each day answering questions as well as posting supporting tips and articles.
If you would rather reach out privately, then please email us at:  (or click on the icon to get in touch).

accompanying workbook

The program has an accompanying activity book which contains various exercises and challenges for your child.  
Whenever your child needs to use it you will see this sign:
There is an ACTIVITY for you to complete in your workbook.
This activities in the workbook are an essential part of the program, so please click below to print it off.

that's it!

You are ready to rock.
So, without further ado... grab your little treasure, plonk them in front of the screen and let's get going.