A resilience building program

for your child


Hello, and thank you for being here, you've taken the first step.
You obviously recognise just how important resilience is, more than 1000 parents have taken the questionnaire and rate it on average 9.2/10 for importance.
And you'd be right to see it as important, according to research it's the prime indicator of achievement- more important than IQ or talent.
of parents take this trial
out of 10 for importance
of parents have no structured plan
However teaching kids to be resilient isn't easy.
As evidenced by the fact that 87% of parents who take the questionnaire don't have a structured and deliberate way of teaching their kids to be resilient. 

good timing

Your child is at a critical stage in their development, adolescence is when they start to take on the ideas and beliefs that will shape the sort of person they become, which means that if you can help them to develop their resilience now, you will have a huge impact on their future success and happiness.
They might even thank you for it one day :).

the BEST ME program

Based on Positive Psychology- the scientific study of human flourishing, the BEST ME is designed specifically to teach your child:
  • how to PERSEVERE instead of giving up 
  • how to be BRAVE, to face their fears and to overcome rejection and failure 
  • how to have a POSITIVE-can-do attitude, instead of focusing on what's wrong
  • how to think CREATIVELY to solve problems and overcome challenges
  • how to have the SELF-DISCIPLINE to take action and to make difficult decisions
  • how to be DETERMINED and ENTHUSIASTIC even when things go wrong

the trial modules

There's a lot more to helping kids to develop resilience than a bit of tough love or telling them to face their fears, so if you are looking for a quick fix, then this program is probably not for you.
The trial modules are designed to lay solid foundations for the full program.
They will help your child find out more about who they really are and that they already have the strengths they need to be RESILIENT... they just need to learn how to use them.

if that sounds good to you...

Grab your little treasure, plonk them next to you and let's get this resilience party started!
P.S. The program works best on desktop, laptop or tablet.
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P.P.S. The free lessons are a taster, if your child likes and enjoys them you can upgrade to the full program on the next page.
Take care,
The Lifehacksforkids team.

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