7 day challenge


So far you have learned why ZEST is an important POWER STRENGTH and the 3 steps you can take each morning to have a ZESTY day:
  1. 1
    today is a brand new day
  2. 2
    be grateful for what you have
  3. 3
    maintain the upward spiral of positive emotion
Now you are ready to complete your 7  DAY ZEST CHALLENGE.

how the challenge works

The reason why we have a challenge after the POWER STRENGTH lessons is because the best way to really understand something is to go out there into the real world and experience it.
The challenge is an opportunity for you to bring everything together and to practice the skills you have learnt. 
So, each day for the next 7 days you will do 4 things, 3 in the morning and 1 in the evening:
  1. 1
    STEP 1: remembering that it is a brand new day and to focus your energy on TODAY (see the reminder on the image below-it's supposed to be a windscreen wiper)
  2. 2
    STEP 2: write about something you are grateful for about your ZEST and why
  3. 3
    STEP 3: do a fun activity to keep the upward spiral of positive thoughts and emotions going (see the reminder on the image below)
  4. 4
    finally in the evening you will reflect on and write down how you used your ZEST during the day

good luck

This is your first CHALLENGE, so give it everything you've got!
Try your best and most importantly enjoy it.
The 7 DAY CHALLENGE is in your workbook.

after the challenge

Complete your challenge and then in 7 days time, come back and complete your ZEST POWER STRENGTH SUMMARY.
See you in 7 days amigos.

challenge completed

Now it's time to finish ZEST with the POWER SUMMARY, click the button below when you have finished the challenge.
Or you can head back to the ZEST home page here.