lesson 1: each day is a brand new day


The energy you bring to each day is what the universe responds to.
As the saying goes: 'The more you put in, the more you get out.'
To be the BEST YOU, the mental, emotional and physical energy that you put into each day makes a BIG difference. 
This is why we chose ZEST as the first of the 6 POWER STRENGTHS to learn about. 

3-step process

You are about to learn a 3-step process that will help you approach your life with the right energy.
It's a process that will help you to get in the right state of mind so you can bring ZEST to your life - even if you are feeling a bit grumpy!
We do it each and every morning, because that's the best way to get the most from the day.
The 3-steps are:

step 1: clear your mind

step 2: get into a good feeling

step 3: keep the good feeling going

In this ZEST lesson we deal with the first step.

step 1: clear your mind

Imagine getting into a car that has a dirty windscreen, one that you couldn't see through clearly.
Would you start the car and drive off?
Of course not, you'd turn the windscreen wipers on and clean it.
When you do this you can see the road ahead clearly and can drive safely and well.
It's exactly the same with our thinking.
A CLEAR MIND means that everything in front of you looks clean and fresh.

a clear mind

When we say clear mind, we mean a mind that is focused only on the day ahead and what you need to do.
All too often we spend valuable mental energy thinking about things that happened in our past, or things that might happen in our future.
This means we have less mental energy we can spend on TODAY.

wasted mental energy

Not only that, but thinking about the past or the future often is a waste of energy.
Can you think why? 

thinking about the past

Thinking about the PAST is often wasted energy because:
  • you can't change anything that has happened
  • it will have an impact on how you THINK, what you SAY, what you DO today
And in this state of mind it's very difficult to have a good day today.

thinking about the future

Thinking about the future is often wasted energy because it doesn't exist (yet).
For clarity: it's ok to make plans, that's important- a good use of energy.
But, the kind of 'thinking about the future' we are talking about is when you worry about what might happen.

a word about worry

We all worry...
We worry that we might not get the result or the outcome that we want.
Think about something in the past that you worried was going to happen.
All the worrying you did before the event- did it change what happened?
Did the worry influence the outcome?
In fact, you worrying about it probably led to a worse outcome, not better.
So, was the worrying actually worth it?
Worrying about something can effect how you perform.
Worrying is a waste of mental energy. 

the power of your attention

This is not to say that you won't, or shouldn't ever worry.
You will still have 'worry' thoughts, just as you will have thousands of other thoughts.
Instead, it's about which thoughts you pay attention to.
Which thoughts you decide to focus on. 
And the idea behind this first step, is to get your mind to pay attention to TODAY.
TODAY is all we ever have, yesterday has gone and the future doesn't exist (yet).
We want to be our BEST selves TODAY.
This is why the FIRST thing we do each morning to kick-start our ZEST is remember:


Photo by Bich Tran from Pexels
We can't change what happened YESTERDAY.
And TOMORROW hasn't happened yet.


lesson complete

You are going to practice ALL 3 steps in the 7 DAY Challenge after your 3rd and final ZEST lesson. 
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