module 5:


Nothing can dim the light which shines from within.

― Maya Angelou

train your mind

To become physically fit, you need to exercise daily and fuel your body with healthy food.
Your mind is no different, you need to train it each day and fill it with nutritious food too: good healthy thoughts and beliefs.

how we do this

You are going to build your own mental gym.
This is something we call you personal POWER BOARD. 
It will help you train your mind each day so that you become mentally fit.
It will provide you with healthy mental fuel your brain needs so you can deal with the challenges, obstacles, problems and failures that each new day brings.

the best you

Being the best YOU is about you creating the right mentality, the right habits and behaviours so you can go out there in the real world, express yourself with confidence, and achieve the goals that you set yourself.
Your POWER BOARD will help you to do that, it's your psychological gym.

how it works

In Part 2 of the program you will develop each of your 6 POWER STRENGTHS, one at a time.
After each strength you will complete a POWER STRENGTH SUMMARY, which is a handy reminder that will sum up everything you have learnt about the strength and most importantly, what YOU have learnt about YOU.
Here's what it will look like when you have finished.

how to use it

Just as with every other masterpiece, your POWER BOARD should be on display.
Your bedroom wall is a great place as you will be able to see your POWER BOARD every morning and every evening for your daily mental workout.

why it works

Ever wondered how you learn to be good at anything?
One word... REPETITION.
As we learn new things we make new connections in our brain- as the saying goes: 'neurons that fire together wire together.'
The more we practice the stronger those neural connections become and the quicker the information flows.
Whenever you learn something new, at first it's hard, but after a while and with practice, it becomes second nature to us: it becomes automatic.

second nature

Which is why we want to have our POWER BOARD in a place where it can be seen each day.
It will act as a powerful visual reminder of all that you have learned about each POWER STRENGTH: 
It will help remind you of WHO you are and WHAT you are truly capable of, until that belief becomes AUTOMATIC.


The centre piece for your POWER BOARD is in your workbook.
Find a great photo of you, stick it in the middle of the page and then start your POWER BOARD by putting it up on your wall.
There is an ACTIVITY for you to complete in your workbook.

module complete

Well done... amazing work, you have completed PART 1 of the program.
Now it's time to start PART 2, where you are going to develop each of your 6 POWER STRENGTHS.
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