lesson 2: how to access your hope

how it works

You are about to learn a technique so you can always access your strength of HOPE. To show you how it works, let's use a real example from your life.

time is what happened

Like every other event in your life- both good and bad- that moment has passed.
Time moves on.
And the further in the past that the event happened, the less impact it has on how you feel in the present (today).


Step 1 of your HOPE technique is to just STOP.
Whenever you find yourself caught up in your thinking about a bad situation- past, present or future- the first step is to just STOP and remember just like everything else that has happened in your life... it too will pass.

STOP: this too will pass

what this does

Saying STOP and remembering that this too will pass helps your brain to be calm.
If you find yourself in the middle of a difficult situation and you want to move forward, you are going to need your brain to be able to think with HOPE and CREATIVITY to find solutions.
But, if your thinking is making you feel angry, sad, or irritable then it's going to be very difficult for you to do this.
The best way to do this is from a state of calm.

the next step: 123

Now that your brain is nice and calm it's time for the 123 part of the technique.
It's where you think about:

1: ONE thing that is positive about what happened.

This helps you to see that no matter how difficult the situation, there is always a positive.

2: TWO things you learned from what happened.

This helps your brain to recognise that there is always something you can learn.

3: THREE things you could do differently.

This will help you to think CREATIVELY and give you solutions to help you move forward = HOPE.

over to you...

a tool for life

You have just used STOP123 on a past experience.
However, you can use it any time you want.
Practice STOP123 enough times and it will become an automatic response.
You can literally TRAIN YOUR BRAIN to think this way.
This is why we created the poster for you- to help you build those neural connections- remember neurons that fire together wire together.
Your success in life is determined by how quickly you bounce back from difficult situations and by using this technique, you will be able to do this.
You can find your STOP123 poster in your ACTIVITY workbook.

lesson complete

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