the ZEST POWER summary

We hope that you had fun being grateful for and practicing your ZEST.
Now it's time to to create the first piece of your PERSONAL POWER BOARD, which you can find in your activity book.


Have a think of one (or more) of your finest ZEST moments.
These can be from the last 7 days, or from any time in your life.   
Use the ZEST words below to inspire you!
When did you show full on passion for life?
When can you remember being full of energy and/or enthusiasm?
When were you happiest or the most excited?
Got one?

now complete the summary

You will find your POWER BOARD SUMMARY sheet in your workbook.
The questions are designed to:
  • help you to make sense of what you have learned
  • help you to make sense of what you have experienced
  • show you that you already use these POWER STRENGTHS
  • leave you in no doubt that each POWER STRENGTH is a fundamental part of who you are
  • provide your brain with EVIDENCE to strengthen your BELIEF in your ability to use these STRENGTHS
  • help you to see how important each strength is to you
There is an ACTIVITY for you to complete in your workbook.

do your best work

This is important stuff.
Your work here will have a powerful and lasting effect on the rest of your life.
Whenever you need to draw on these POWER STRENGTHS you can read these SUMMARIES.
They will serve to remind you of your best self and how powerful and capable you are.
It's also going on display, so take your time, think about your answers and do your best work.
Because YOU ARE worth it!


When you have finished your POWER SUMMARY put your work on your wall.
It's the first piece in the POWER BOARD masterpiece.
Stand back and admire it... take your time.
Then give yourself a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig pat on the back... you deserve it.

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module complete

Not only have you completed the module, you have also completed the first POWER STRENGTH.
Well done. You can go straight to the next POWER STRENGTH- HOPE using the button below, or you can go back to the POWER STRENGTH homepage here.