module 6:

Power strength 1: zest

A day is a life in miniature. 

As you live your days so you craft your life.

― Robin Sharma

The universe is energy responding to energy.
You are energy.
The energy you bring to your life is what the universe responds to.
Approach your life with fun, enthusiasm, gratitude and vitality- and that's exactly what you get back.
ZEST is the battery that powers your day and your life.


Complete the 3 lessons below to learn all about ZEST.
When you are done move on to the practice section.

lesson 1

Each day is a
brand new day.

lesson 2

Be thankful for what
you already have.

lesson 3

 An upward spiral of
positive feeling.


Finish the challenge and complete your 1st POWER BOARD SUMMARY.
Bring the power of ZEST into your life.

7 day challenge

Let's put into practice what you have learned.


The first piece in your mental gymnasium.