How RESILIENT is my child?

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One thing we all agree on, RESILIENCE is a vital life skill: parents scored it on average a 9.3 out of 10 in importance- with 64% of us awarding it a 10/10.

In terms if which aspects of RESILIENCE kids find easiest and which are the most difficult: our kids seem to do best in the areas of CREATIVE THINKING/ PROBLEM SOLVING and BRAVERY (average score of 6.9/ 10), and least well for EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE (average score 4.9/10)

The importance of RESILIENCE
The highest average score
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your biggest challenge is

The biggest challenge for parents by some distance is their children's emotions getting in the way, no surprise to those of us with tweens and teens.

The joint second biggest challenge was parents not knowing how to teach their kids, and that kids are afraid to fail, with lack of confidence, motivation and kids giving in too easily pretty close behind.

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