lesson 3: upward spiral of positive feelings

step 3

A quick recap as to where we are with our 3-step ZEST process.
STEP 1: is to start the day fresh, remember that each day is a brand new one.
STEP 2: is to start the good THOUGHTS and FEELINGS by being GRATEFUL.
STEP 3: is to help you to continue this good FEELING

our emotions work in spirals

Which means that the emotion that you feel right now, actually helps to create the next emotion that you feel: thereby creating a spiral of emotion. 
Whatever state your mind is in, it works a bit like a magnet.
If you are thinking POSITIVE, HAPPY thoughts and creating POSITIVE, HAPPY feelings, then you are more likely to notice something else that makes you think POSITIVE, HAPPY thoughts.
And having just completed STEPS 1&2, of the 3-step ZEST routine, that's exactly how you should be feeling.

why is this important?

Because the spiral works both ways: for POSITIVE thoughts and feelings as well as NEGATIVE ones.
Whatever you are thinking and feeling in the moment helps to create the thinking and feeling in the next moment.
Now there's nothing wrong with negative thoughts and emotions, sometimes that's just how it is.
But the goal here is to be your BEST SELF today.
And the best way to do that is to think and feel positively so you have positive energy.

using this to our advantage

STEP 3 will help you to keep the SPIRAL of POSITIVE THOUGHTS and EMOTIONS going.
In your workbook you will see your 2 UPWARD SPIRAL sheets.
There are 32 funny, silly, daft ways that will help you to keep your POSITIVE EMOTION spiral moving in the right direction.
Each one only take a maximum of 20 seconds to complete.
Get your UPWARD SPIRAL sheets from your workbook.
We cut and folded ours up and put them in a jar which we leave by the front door.
That way we remember to do STEP 3 each morning on our way out, and we get a different activity each time.
We take it in turns during the week to pick one each morning.
It's great fun and 20 seconds later, we leave the house with a big smile on our faces.
Make sure that everyone in the family joins in- especially the adults.

try one now

Pick one at random. 
Grab everyone and do the activity.
See how you feel afterwards.

lesson complete

You have learnt the 3-STEPS to START YOUR DAY THE ZEST WAY, now you are ready for your 7 DAY CHALLENGE.
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