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Your life on this planet is a gift that you have been given.

What do you want to DO with the time you have left?

And, are you willing to start right now?

Hello and welcome to Transform by Design.

I have lost count of the number of times I have been stuck in my life.

I used to wait until things got so bad that I was compelled to do something, anything, to change the situation. I would try a different strategy, work harder or smarter, learn a new skill or technique. 

And things would improve... for a while.

Then, a slooooooow, almost imperceptible descent back to being stuck again.

Rinse and repeat.

That was my way of managing being stuck. You will have your own way.

But, just like I was, you too are almost certainly 'doing' it all wrong.

That's why the patterns in your life keep repeating themselves.

'Doing' more, or 'doing' things differently is the rut escaping equivalent to barking up the wrong tree.

It might feel good for a while, but it is an exercise in futility.

It is the wrong tree.

The answer lies elsewhere, and the language we use gives us a clue:

I AM stuck.

I AM, is the verb to BE.

I AM stuck, is a statement of BEING.

This is why DOING is not the answer.

You have to change something INSIDE, something within YOU.

Specifically, who you are BEING. 

I call who you are BEING your story, the one you tell yourself about:

  • Who you think you are.
  • What you think is important to you.
  • What you think you are capable of.
  • The way you think that the world works.

I have italicised the word think because your story is just that: thoughts, a collection of ideas you have about yourself that you have come to accept as truth. But, in no sense could it be said that your thoughts describe any kind of objective TRUTH about you. Who you really are.

There is no power in your story, only limitation. It restricts the kind of life that is available to you. The problem is, you carry it with you wherever you go: work, parenting, relationships. And, no amount of doing will change things in the way you want. It's still the same old you pulling the strings.

We hold onto our story because it helps us function in the world.

It is who and what we know. It protects us from getting hurt, but that comes with a heavy price:

  • Your happiness and the quality of your life experience.
  • Living life on someone else's terms, not your own.
  • The persistent feeling that something is wrong or missing.
  • Living a life that is a shadow of the one you could have lived. 
  • True self-expression.

There is power in seeing through your story, in seeing how and where it influences your behaviour and results. But, the real power lies in creating the life you want from a place outside of the limitations set by your story. And that is what the Transform by Design experience is designed to do. You will learn how to let go of your old story. You will learn how to write a new one for yourself.

Creating a new YOU requires a bit of work. It's not difficult work, but it is different. As one client said: 

"I cannot tell you how wonderful these teachings have become to me. Initially, I felt overwhelmed at the “presumed” amount of work it takes to change your thinking however, I have found myself getting very excited at the challenge to push myself beyond my original thinking (layered on by past experiences and input)."

Your only commitment is to YOU and the sort of person you want to BE. I promise you that on the other side of that commitment are the answers you are looking for.

With love, Dominic.

how it works

We will work together for four months. This will include twelve, 90-minute teaching and coaching conversations. I will help you to see exactly how you are constructing the story that is holding you back in every single area of your life. It's not about solving any particular problem that you have. Instead, I'll show you how your thinking is creating ALL of your problems.

I will then guide you through a process to help you let go of your old story and write a new one. You get 4 months of WhatsApp support from me too, I'll be there for you every step of the way as you get used to your new way of BEING in the world.

conversation 1: your journey

I will listen to you for 90 minutes. How did you get here today, what's your story? What are your hopes, your dreams, your regrets, your successes and your failures? We will look at all the areas of your life and see where it's working for you and where it isn't. Clients describe this as a very healing, cathartic experience. It's rare that we have the opportunity to get everything off our chest, to be listened to without judgement, to be heard and seen for who we are, from a place of compassion and love.

conversation 2: how you have created your life

You might think that life is something that happens to you, but in actual fact you create it. It comes from you. In this conversation, you will see how your conditioned thought structures and emotional patterns have created the life you have lived. You will see how they have influenced every thought you've had, every word you have spoken and every action you have taken on your life journey so far. This conversation is revelatory and eye-opening. Everything that has happened in your life will suddenly make sense. You will feel like you have been given the secret code to understanding what makes you, you.

conversation 3: your True Self

This is where the magic begins to happen, where you get to see beyond who you thought you were to the real you, your True Self. 

The one deep down you always knew you were capable of being. 

You won't feel like anything is 'missing' or 'wrong' anymore. 

You will feel whole and complete: enough.

You will experience the joy and freedom that comes with an open heart.

You get to live inside and from the possibility of all that you are.

conversation 4: how reality works

Now we begin the foundational work required to create the new you. You will learn the structure and distinctions required to create a new way of BEING in the world and a new way of SEEING the world. How does your True Self want to express itself?

conversation 5: what is important to you?

Your values are the framework upon which your whole life is built. They are one of the fundamental building blocks of who you are as a person and they form the blueprint for how you live your life and the lens through which you interact with the world. 

They exist below the surface, in our unconscious mind. Most people have no idea what their deepest values are, which is why getting clear on them is so powerful. In this conversation, we make sure that the new you is fully aligned with what is important to you.

conversation 6: what do you want to create in the world?

What would you love to create in this world?

Why are you here?

What is your purpose?

How does life want to be expressed through you? 

These are the questions you will answer in this conversation because your life is your message. 

conversation 7: who do you need to be to create that?

This is where you begin to define the new you.

Who do you need to BE?

How do you need to show up so that you can create the life experience that you want?

Your way of BEING is primary. It determines everything you DO in the world.

conversation 8: how to deal with life as it shows up

Life is a contact sport, as such, it's easy to get thrown off course and revert back to the old you. It's what you know and it's familiar. What you need is a process that will allow you to see life in such a way that you can deal with life's curveballs.

conversations 9-12: assimilation and integration

These four conversations are where we bring everything together.

Where the new you meets the real world.

You will learn how to BE committed to your new way of BEING.

Sometimes this new YOU takes a bit of getting used to, these conversations are for me to coach you through any challenges you face.  I'll show you how to manage your mind, heart and body so that you can fully express yourself as the powerful human being that you are. You'll learn how to be in control of yourself so you can be in control of your life.

the program structure

The program takes place over 4 months and is split into 3 parts. The weeks where there isn't a conversation are a time for self-reflection. You will have exercises to complete to deepen your understanding of your new way of BEING.

We will also discuss the various videos and articles I will send you that are designed to deepen your learning. We will work on 'project YOU' for four whole months. 

personal journey document

A lovely memento of your journey, a permanent record of your personal transformation.

This document will also serve as a reference for whenever you get lost in the future. You'll be able to see where you have gone off track and you'll know exactly what to do to get back on track.

what you get

  • 12 x 90-minute Transformation Coaching Conversations.
  • A Personal Journey Document to keep as a memento and for future reference.
  • Recording and transcript of all 12 Coaching Conversations.
  • 4 months WhatsApp support.
  • 100% Results Guarantee.

the price

The price for this experience is £2999.

The value?

Only you can answer that.

What is creating a new future worth to you?

What about the courage to live your life according to your True Self, and not the life that others expect of you?

Or, an entirely new relationship with yourself, your partner, your kids?

What about a new way of BEING in the world so that you can fulfil your promise and express what you were put on this planet to be?

That's the prize on offer.

My clients describe the work we do as PRICELESS.

my 100% guarantee to you

I am 100% committed to helping you create your new way of BEING. And I am 100% confident that your Transform by Design experience will change your life. This is why I am happy to offer you this experience with NO RISK on your behalf.  Get 100% of the results you want or 100% of your money back.

If for whatever reason, you do not feel that you got what you paid for, I will refund you immediately- no questions asked.

You can do this at any stage of the process, with the cut-off point being our last (12th) conversation.

If you have any questions for me, please get in touch, we can have an initial conversation about how this will work for you.

Or, if you are ready, you can go right ahead and start your transformation now.


After purchase you will be taken to my diary to book your 1st Breakthrough conversation.

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