helping your child with their emotions

Here's a 3-step approach you can take to help you deal with your biggest resilience challenge- helping your child with their emotions.


From the age of around 10 onward your child's brain undergoes a huge remodelling process.

The logical and emotional 'parts' are developing in different ways and at different speeds, which is why we tend to see challenging (ahem) emotional behaviour.

Remodelling = pruning of old unwanted stuff and keeping stuff that's useful + myellination, the brain strengthens the neural connections that are useful.

This means that this is a CRITICAL phase.

What you do during this period has a significant impact on the sort of person that your child will is nothing you can do about this.

But with the right focus and effort, you can help your child to navigate this critical phase successfully.

Below we outline our 3-step approach that will help your child to understand who they are, learn strategies to manage their emotions, and develop the skills and resources they need to be resilient.

step 1: your approach

This step is a bit like being a gardener, it's about creating the right home environment for your child's optimal emotional and resilience growth.

Our research has narrowed down 11 key actions that you can take right now, that will help your child's emotional intelligence and resilience to flourish.

step 2: understanding

In adolescence there's so much going on with our kids, it's a confusing time for them and us.

What you need is a framework that you can use, a lens through which you and your child can better understand themselves and their place in the world.

Thankfully, such a framework exists: CHARACTER STRENGTHS.

Character Strengths are the positive parts of personality that influence how your child thinks, feels and behaves. 

Scientists have identified 24 universal character strengths that each of us has- see below.

These character strengths reflect the 'real' you—who you are at your core. 

Understanding their unique blend of these strengths is the first step towards your child having the confidence to be their best self.  

Knowing your child's strengths helps you to be a more effective parent: you can guide them to make decisions that maximise their abilities, you can help them to recognise and work on the areas they are weaker in, and as we'll show you in step 3, you can use them to help your child be more RESILIENT.

We recommend that your child takes the VIA survey to understand themselves better- it's FREE (you just have to register).

Why not take it as well? It's a bit of an eye-opener for us oldies too!

step 3: resources

The 3rd and final step is to help your child to learn the skills they need to be RESILIENT.

Again we use character strengths as the framework to do this.

Of the 24 universal strengths we have identified 6 that are essential to resilience: ZEST, HOPE, SELF-REGULATION, CREATIVITY, BRAVERY & PERSEVERANCE

Developing these 6 strengths will give your child the skills and the confidence to be able to deal with whatever comes their way on the path of life; knowing this helps boost their emotional resilience too.

how these strengths help develop resilience

The path of life diagram above describes any journey your child will take.

To get good grades, have good relationships, to get a good job, to be successful, they will face many challenges and obstacles, they are going to have to deal with failure and overcome setbacks.

In step 3, we use character strengths as the framework to help our kids develop the resources they need to be able to manage and thrive in the face of these.

  • your child will need the ZEST, energy and enthusiasm needed to tackle the challenges and obstacles they face
  • they need to have a HOPEFUL attitude: to be positive about themselves, their life, their effort and their outcomes
  • SELF-REGULATION will help your child learn to focus, to have the discipline needed to be successful
  • they need to learn to think CREATIVELY so they can solve the problems and the challenges they will face
  • they need to be BRAVE to overcome rejection and learn how to embrace failure rather than fear it
  • they'll need to PERSEVERE, to keep going when all looks lost, to bounce back and to not give up: to be resilient

how are you currently teaching your kids these skills?

We have developed a character strengths based tool that helps kids get really good at steps 2 and 3.

It helps them to understand who they are and teaches them the skills they need to develop the 6 key strengths of resilience: THE BEST ME THAT I CAN BE.

Part-manual, part-workbook and part-journal, it is designed to take your child on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth- it also teaches your child techniques to manage their emotions.

It's a blueprint for their success in school and for their life beyond the classroom.

And, its the life manual that we wish that we'd had when we were growing up.

the best Me that i can be

  • a life manual that will inspire your child to explore who they really are and discover what they are truly capable of
  • a powerful program of lessons based on the scientific fields of positive psychology and character strengths
  • real world activities and challenges that will help your child to build genuine self-belief and the confidence to be their best selves
  • your child will learn how to be CREATIVE, BRAVE & RESILIENT and develop a POSITIVE MINDSET, SELF-MOTIVATION and DISCIPLINE
  • you will gain a deeper insight into their life, their dreams and their goals so you can help to guide them along their life journey
  • your child will develop the resources to overcome any of the challenges, obstacles, setbacks and failures that life will throw their way
  • a fun, simple to use, interactive and thought provoking investment in your child and their future

A digital pdf download for you to print at home, also includes a separate FREE strength building activity workbook.

full 30 day money back guarantee

preview: take a closer look at what's inside

Here's a preview of some of the 98 pages...

buy now: 2 options for you

  1. 1
    WORKBOOKS ONLY: THE BEST ME workbook + the FREE strengths building workbook
  2. 2
    FULL SUPPORT: both workbooks + lifetime membership to a private Facebook community. 

FULL SUPPORT means we'll be there to guide and support you and your child along this journey- whenever you need it.

You can ask us direct questions, we post daily hints and tips and you'll get a free strength/ life skill building activity each month to help your child develop even further. 

(The normal cost for this is £60, but for today only you get to enjoy this benefit for as long as you want for just £7).

both options enjoy a full 30 day money back guarantee

the best you that you can be

THE BEST ME is a brilliant self-help guide and based on personal experience we totally recommend doing it alongside your kids- (just buy one and print out 2 copies at home).

  • It will help you to become the best version of you too- rediscover your passion and become the person you always knew you could be.
  • By doing it together you will both gain a deeper understanding of their true nature, their unique strengths, abilities, and what they are capable of. They will also get to know you a bit better too.
  • You will enjoy a much DEEPER CONNECTION and BETTER RELATIONSHIP with your child built on understanding and trust.
  • You will be a much more POSITIVE PARENT, instead of parenting by correcting your kids' mistakes- you will look for what your kids are doing right instead of wrong, be more supportive and inspiring.

what others say about our work

The main focus is to help you discover your own values and put your own plan into action, as opposed to telling you what to do.

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teach your kids recommendation
I would highly recommend to any parent needing to get in the here and now of parenting… but also who wants to look to the future too.

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It's for your tween and/or teen. Whether they are struggling or not, it will help them to understand themselves and develop the attitude, techniques and skills they need for a successful life. 


There is no set duration. Your child should complete THE BEST ME in the time frame that's appropriate to them. The workbook is a journey of discovery and it encourages your child to practice their new skills in the real world through weekly challenges, so your child will be working on themselves all the time.

However, in terms of actual time commitment, from start to finish we would estimate around 8 weeks with an hour or so a week that should be allocated to actual 'work'.


We are parents too (11-year-old twins). We realised that success in life is more than just qualifications and a good CV, and yet this is all that parents and schools seem to focus on.

So we started out by trying to teach our twins life skills in a deliberate and structured way. Our initial research told us that other parents were worried that their kids weren’t getting this type of education either, so we created Lifehacksforkids to fulfil that need. You can read more about us here.


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