Change your thInking 

 change your life

Workshop ONE of the You by Design Series

created by

Dominic Chapman

thank you

Thank you so much for taking this workshop. I am sure that you and your family will enjoy exploring how changing your thinking can change your life.


If you haven't already done so, please join the free private Facebook group. You will find me there each and every day. It's the best place to ask any questions you might have. I am here to support you and your child on this journey.

the workshop

This workshop is designed to be taken as a family. Not only is it a lovely way to connect and spend some quality time with your kids, but the ideas I share will be of tremendous benefit to big kids (aka parents) too. In fact, these are ideas that I share with my coaching clients to help them create the lives they want.
What you get:
  • A WORKBOOK for your kids (and you too- if you like). 
  • A recorded WORKSHOP video. Watch it as many times as you like.
I recommend watching the whole workshop in one go to start with. Then you can come back to watch the bits you'd like to explore further.

Download the workbook

The accompanying workbook is designed to help you deepen your understanding of the ideas I share in the video. There are also some exercises to help you to explore the thinking you have that is limiting and not useful. Awareness is the vital, first step towards any change you want to make. It's not necessary to download and print the workbook before you begin the masterclass. 

Before you watch the workshop

The Workshop lasts 38 minutes. You will need: 
  • a pen
  • the WORKBOOK, or a piece of paper
  • a mirror, or your mobile phone's selfie camera
If you haven't downloaded the workbook, then ask yourself and the kids, these 3 questions before and after the Workshop.
On a scale of 1-10:
1. How well would you say that you understand and know yourself?
2. How well would you say that you understand how life works?
3. How confident do you feel about your ability to live the life you want?

watch the workshop

Grab a drink and make yourself comfortable, the masterclass lasts 38 minutes. 

Click to play

The workbook activities

I am available to talk through any questions that the activities raise. I will also be very happy to look through you and/ your child's answers.  Just send me a message in the Facebook group.

parent by design program

If you enjoyed this workshop and want to develop your parenting further, please check out my parenting program below. 

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