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What to do if your child doesn't respect* you.

(* like, appreciate, understand, love, trust, listen to - insert whichever applies)

Our kids are often our greatest teachers; they have no problem telling us the truth.
And although this looks like a 'THEM' problem, i.e. 'My child should respect* me, therefore it's their fault that they don't.'
It is in fact a 'YOU' problem.
Respect* is not something we get by right; it's something that has to be earned.
Whatever is happening to you, it is there to wake you up.
It's a signal for you to go deeper inside, not to point the finger.
Your child is simply acting as a mirror.
So, if you are prepared to take a cold hard, brutally honest look at yourself, see which of the 3 points below apply to you.
This might be an uncomfortable journey, but I promise you, it's where the answer lies:
  1. 1
    You don't respect* yourself. Nobody can cause you to feel something that you don't already believe about yourself. You are almost certainly lacking in self-respect* (self-love/ self-understanding, etc.)
  2. 2
    You don't respect* them. Do you treat them in the same way that you expect them to treat you? Honestly?
  3. 3
    You don't deserve their respect*. You probably don't act in a way that warrants respect* (towards yourself, them, others, the world).

so what is the answer?

  1. 1
    Treat yourself with RESPECT*. Immerse yourself in it, drown in it, respect you, your feelings, your time, your word, embody respect.
  2. 2
    BE that with them first. When you want something in the world to change, you change first and when you change IT will change. Respect* the hell outta them unconditionally, it will come back to you in return.
  3. 3
    ACT in a way that deserves it. So that upon experiencing you, they have no other option but to respect* you. Respect* becomes a natural response to your behaviour.
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